Welcome to the World of Warcraft Database WikiEdit

This is an attempt to create a Wiki on the World of Warcraft, built from the ground up to take advantage of semantic searching capabilities.

The key ideal of this Wiki is to be up-to-date, and to reference everything within the Warcraft genre. Emphasis is on giving the player everything he or she needs to find something within the game; emphasis is not given to guides (although tactics for Dungeons and Raids will be permitted).

If you believe you can help us become one of the most awesome Warcraft sites on the internet, jump in and join the fun.

Wiki Ground Rules on Content should be read first on what we allow. The Wiki Progression Timeline should give indication on what should be worked on first. This Wiki is designed to be view in the New Wikia skin.

Achievements & Feats of Strength - Arena - Armor Types - Auction House - Battlegrounds & Rated Battlegrounds - Chat (RealID Chat) - Classes - Creatures - Currencies - Dungeons (Dungeon Finder & Dungeon Journal) - Companion Pets - Factions - Gear Slots - Guilds, Guild Achievements, and Guild Perks - Items (Level & Quality / Trade Items - Elemental Items - Gear Items - Quest Items) - Mounts - NPCs - Patches - Player vs. Player - Professions - Races - Realms - Quests - Racials - Raids (Raid Finder, Raid Lockouts & Raid Difficulties) - Resources - Specs - Spells - Stats - Talents - Tameable Pets - Tiers - Titles - Transmogrification - User Interface - Void Storage - Weapon Types - World Events - Zones & Locations